Sunshine Sugar on Local Shelves

Two local icons, SPAR Maclean and Sunshine Sugar have come together, with sugar grown right here in the Clarence Valley making its way onto the shelves of the SPAR Maclean Supermarket.

Bob Little, Manager of SPAR Maclean commented, "It’s always a pleasure to have local product in our store, especially as I know many of my customers are involved in growing the cane and employed by the Harwood Sugar Mill and Refinery.”

Store Manager Tina added; “We get a lot of requests from local shoppers looking for the Sunshine Sugar products, so I am pleased to be able to offer both white and raw sugar packs.”

The Harwood Sugar Mill and Refinery is just 6 kilometres down river from SPAR Maclean, with much of the land in between the two under full-time cane production.

Mr Connors, Chief Executive Officer of Sunshine Sugar remarked; “We pride ourselves on being a locally grown, locally owned business, so it is great to see our product being supported by other northern rivers businesses.”
SPAR Maclean sells both Sunshine Sugar white and raw sugar.

Key Points:

  • Sunshine Sugar available at SPAR Maclean
  • Locally grown and locally sold sugar
  • SPAR Maclean supports local industry

SPAR Maclean