NSW Sugar to help Rocky Point cane growers

After an intensive consultation process between Sunshine Sugar management and Rocky Point cane growers, an agreement has been reached whereby some of their cane will be transported to the Condong Mill in northern NSW for crushing.


Cane growers at Rocky Point have been thrown this lifeline after a horrendous run of issues and delays.


Already months behind in harvesting and crushing their cane due to breakdowns, the growers were devastated when a recent fire destroyed the local mill and put an end to their hopes of having their crop harvested by the end of the year.

The Sunshine Sugar Mill at Condong finished crushing its own Tweed Valley sugar cane today and is now gearing up to undertake this additional crushing for their Queensland counterparts.


Chief Executive Officer for Sunshine Sugar, Mr Chris Connors announced, “It is pleasing to be able to assist in this way. There were a lot of issues to overcome and I want to thank all of those involved in delivering the arrangement. Whilst we are expecting to only crush a maximum of 40,000 tonnes, which is well short of the total crop available, it is still a positive outcome for both the growers and the community.”


Sunshine Sugar has an ongoing relationship with Rocky Point cane growers and the mill, having already crushed over 20,000 tonnes of Rocky Point cane this year alone.