NSW Cane Juice Making Boutique Rum

At the 38th Annual General Meeting of the NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative on Friday, local cane growers were shown the latest product to come out of collaboration with boutique distillery Archie Rose.


On show was the newly released, limited edition Virgin Cane Spirit.


Sugar cane grown locally at Condong in the Tweed Valley is cut and pressed into fresh juice within 12 hours of harvest. Yeast is added immediately and the juice ferments as it is transported to the Archie Rose distillery in Sydney and then distilled three times in copper pot stills.


This first, limited edition offering of white rum was developed by the Archie Rose team, having evolved from a goal to make characterful spirits using raw ingredients that are sourced locally.


Sunshine Sugar Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Connors said, “As Australia’s only locally owned and locally grown sugar milling co-operative, we are uniquely positioned to work with innovative small businesses such as Archie Rose. We both share a passion for what we do and are committed to crafting a product that is of the highest quality.”


The Archie Rose handcrafted white rum has been inspired by traditional French Colonial agricole rhums: Virgin Cane Spirit. Rhum agricole is the French term for rum made from cane juice.


The Archie Rose Virgin Cane Spirit is available for a limited time at
Cane Spirit2