Sunshine Sugar donates Mill Mud to Harwood Island Public School Fundraiser

Every year since 1991 Sunshine Sugar has donated on average 30 tonnes of filter press (Mill Mud) to the Harwood Island Public School as a fund raising drive commonly known as the Mill Mud Drive. Each year the parents, teachers and students hold a bagging day where the 30 tonnes of mud is shovelled into approximately 1,500 bags. The bags are then sold to the public for $4.50 per bag or 5 bags for $20 raising on average $6,300 for the school. Over the years the funds raised have been used for improvements to the school grounds such as a new covered entrance, covered play areas, new climbing equipment for junior play, resurfacing the basketball court and upgrades to the Library, to name just a few. The P&C has also purchased new equipment such as smart whiteboards and computers for the students. Mill Mud is the major source of revenue for the Harwood Island Public School P&C Association and on behalf of the school we cannot thank Sunshine Sugar enough for their support.

Peter Coram, President P&C, Harwood Island Public School