Mill Mud & Ash


mill mud    banded mud
Mill Mud/Ash  Banded/low rate mud application

Mill mud and ash are valuable sources of plant nutrients for improving cane productivity.

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Current EPA approval for mill mud/ash & boiler gravel

A Resource Recovery Exemption from EPA allows the mill to supply mill mud and boiler ash to growers for application to land and for the boiler grate gravel to be used as fill.  The EPA has specified conditions that apply to the growers (exemption component) and conditions for the mill (Order component). Copies of these can be accessed from the links below.

Click here to access the Resource Recovery Order & Exemption- 2016


From 2015 all mud haulage contractors will have banded mud spreaders available on their trucks. Information from the initial banded mud trials and a trial comparing banded mud and compost is available from the links below.

Click here for more information on the demo trials with the LLS funded banded mud spreader

Click here for the report on the banded mud/compost trial. This report has information on "top-up" Nitrogen rates needed after banded mud application.


Mill Mud Fact Sheets

Click here to download The Value of Mill By-products Fact Sheet

Click here to download Banded Mill Mud / Ash Fact Sheet