Media Releases


31 March 2017

Flood Impact on the NSW Industry


17 February 2017

Sweet NSW Sugar Industry Watches Souring QLD Relations


31 January 2017

2017 Apprentices & Trainees

Apprentices 2017

L_R James Brown (HWD fitter), Kate Watts (HR Officer) Taylor Roberts (HWD admin), Jade Gooley (BWR fitter)
Credence Donoghue (CDG admin), Riley Flick (CDG Electrician), Grayce Kelly (BWR admin), Thomas Harmon (CDG fitter)
& Chris Connors (CEO)

Broadwater apprentices 2017Harwood apprentices 2017

Grayce Kelly (BWR admin) Jade Gooley (BWR fitter)             Taylor Roberts (HWD admin), James Brown (HWD fitter)

Condong apprentices 2017 

Riley Flick (CDG Electrician), Credence Donoghue (CDG admin),Thomas Harmon (CDG fitter)


23 January 2017

Sunshine Sugar on Local Shelves

SPAR Maclean

9 January 2017

Summer rain sweetens the season

Fertilising before the rain

Fertilising before the rain


9 December 2016

NSW cane harvest wraps up for 2016


7 December 2016

Sunshine Sugar to help Rocky Point cane growers


5 December 2016 World Best Practice Certification awarded to NSW Sugar Industry

Bonsucro2 2016Flags at Harwood2

International Bonsucro auditors in the field


28 November 2016

NSW Cane Juice Making Boutique Rum

Cane Spirit2


21 November 2016

Selling Sunshine Sugar to Japan

Toyota Farm Visit November 2016


15 November

Appointment of Vivien Miller - Communications Manager


20 July 2016

IGA Promoting Sunshine Sugar


7 December 2015

Government Grant


2 July 2015

Manildra Restructure


30 April 2015

 Wilmar Imports Raw Sugar from El Salvador


26 February 2015

NSW Sugar Restructure


2 February 2015 Condong Mill celebrates a full year without a lost time injury
  cdg workforce cropped 



8 September 2014

Broadwater Incident


19 August 2014

MHS Celebrates 25 years of Refining


8 November 2013

Sale of Cogeneration Plants


25 June 2013

Zenith Award


19 April 2013

Sunshine Sugar leading the way in the world of sustainability being the first company in Australasia to sell Bonsucro Credits.


15 November 2012              

Federal Government Grant - Clean Technology Food & Foundries Investment Program