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23 June 2017              

NSW Sugar Industry Welcomes Start of Cane Harvest

After a successful 2016 season, followed by several months of downtime, cane growers and millers across the NSW Northern Rivers are looking forward to the start of another crushing season.

Ross Farlow, Chairman of NSW Cane Growers said; “A positive weather outlook and sustained strong pricing continues to boost the confidence of cane growers and cane-land investors across the region.”

Some 1.9m tonnes of sugar cane is forecast to be harvested in NSW over the next 6 months. Over half a million of these tonnes will come from the Condong area which was heavily affected by flooding earlier in the year.

Chris Connors, CEO of Sunshine Sugar reported; “The Tweed growers and the Condong sugar mill have been working hard to recover from the flood event earlier this year and will be ready for a June start. Whilst we expect the harvesting side of our operation to be a significant challenge due to the amount of debris lodged in crops, our growers and staff are focused on moving forward and getting the job done.”

Areas around the Broadwater and Harwood Mills have also experienced significant rainfalls over the past couple of months which may see some wet harvesting conditions in the early weeks of the crush.

The three NSW Sugar Mills – Condong, Broadwater and Harwood - will all commence crushing over the next week and are expected to be in full production until mid to late November.


25 May 2017  

Jersey Australia meets Sunshine Sugar

Sunshine Sugar met with a group of representatives from Jersey Australia in Condong this week. The group have been visiting the northern rivers as part of their annual Conference and AGM.

Hosted by the Far North Coast Jersey Cattle Club of NSW, the contingent included some of the biggest dairy producers in Australia, many of which have travelled from Victoria and Tasmania.

Sunshine Sugars’ Condong Mill Operations Manager, Mr Greg Petersen met with the cattle producers over lunch at the Condong Bowls Club and delivered a presentation that shared some insights into the NSW Sugar Industry.

Jersey Australia

15 May 2017

Cane Growers Investing in Industry

The cane grower owned and operated North Clarence Harvesting Co-operative this week took delivery of a brand new John Deere harvester. Following a number of good seasons and a robust future outlook, the harvesting co-operative have given Chesterfield Australia their first sale of a new cane harvester since opening its doors in Maclean last year.

Director of the North Clarence Harvesting Co-operative, Andrew Fischer commented; “Sugar cane growers are business people, and like any progressive business we are always looking to improve our performance. Adding this advanced new harvester to our fleet ensures we continue to operate our harvesting business at its optimum level, delivering returns to our growers and our local industry.”

Enhancements such as intuitive steering and propulsion and a floating crop divider base cutter, are all designed to deliver harvesting efficiency and performance gains by cutting more of the cane stalk without breakage and minimal soil disruption.

This state-of-the-art machine also integrates the latest technology in the design and functionality of the cab, offering optimum operator comfort and control. Lead-driver for the co-operative, Warwick McLeod, says he is looking forward to putting the new harvester into work when the season kicks off next month. Having planned to retire after last season, Warwick has been enticed to stay on for at least another season by the attraction of the new machine, which offers creature comforts such as air-suspended seating, climate control and built-in fridge. The cab’s control centre also utilizes the JDLink telematics system to deliver real-time performance monitoring designed to optimize running productivity.

Chesterfield Sales Representative Campbell Underwood and Lead Mechanic Keith McLaren, handed over the keys to the new harvester at the co-operatives’ Chatsworth facility. Mr Underwood remarked; “We are very excited to develop this relationship with the local sugar industry and look forward to working with the North Clarence Harvesting Co-operative as the season ramps up.”

The Clarence cane harvesting season is set to commence in mid-June with yet another strong crush anticipated.

JD Harvester handoverJD Harvester driver and mechanic

Picture 1: Andrew Fischer, Director, North Clarence Cane Harvesting Co-operative and Campbell Underwood, Sales, Chesterfield Australia

Picture 2: Warwick McLeod, Operator, North Clarence Cane Harvesting Co-operative and Keith McLaren, Mechanic, Chesterfield Australia

3 May 2017  

With the Maclean Agricultural Show underway for 2017, local cane growers have again used this opportunity to showcase the high quality of sugar cane that is grown in the region. The Cane Pavilion has been lined with entries of 1 and 2 Year old cane stalks being exhibited by growers from throughout the Clarence Valley.

Of all the entries received this year, local cane industry identity Mr Milton Lewis has taken out both Champion 1 Year Old and Champion Exhibit with his stand of Empire cane stalks.

One of this year’s judges, Mr Jim Sneesby remarked; “The quality of cane exhibited here is a credit not only to the growers, but also to the broader community that supports this important local industry.”

Jim is a Director on the NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative Board and a highly regarded cane grower from the Richmond Valley. He went on to say that; “All of the growers who have exhibited have made a tremendous effort and this year’s winning entrant is a remarkable stand of cane, particularly given that it has been hand-cut from a crop that was harvested last August. The alluvial soils on the Clarence floodplain are clearly highly productive, especially when managed with the care and respect of professional landowners like Milton Lewis.”

Official presentations will be made today at 2pm in the Cane Pavilion.

Champion Cane Exhibit.Maclean 2017  

(L to R): Milton Lewis, cane grower; Alister Smith, Ag Services Officer Sunshine Sugar; Graeme Anderson, cane grower and Clarence Cane Growers Association member

31 March 2017

Flood Impact on the NSW Industry


17 February 2017

Sweet NSW Sugar Industry Watches Souring QLD Relations


31 January 2017

2017 Apprentices & Trainees

Apprentices 2017

L_R James Brown (HWD fitter), Kate Watts (HR Officer) Taylor Roberts (HWD admin), Jade Gooley (BWR fitter)
Credence Donoghue (CDG admin), Riley Flick (CDG Electrician), Grayce Kelly (BWR admin), Thomas Harmon (CDG fitter)
& Chris Connors (CEO)

Broadwater apprentices 2017Harwood apprentices 2017

Grayce Kelly (BWR admin) Jade Gooley (BWR fitter)             Taylor Roberts (HWD admin), James Brown (HWD fitter)

Condong apprentices 2017 

Riley Flick (CDG Electrician), Credence Donoghue (CDG admin),Thomas Harmon (CDG fitter)


23 January 2017

Sunshine Sugar on Local Shelves

SPAR Maclean

9 January 2017

Summer rain sweetens the season

Fertilising before the rain

Fertilising before the rain


9 December 2016

NSW cane harvest wraps up for 2016


7 December 2016

Sunshine Sugar to help Rocky Point cane growers


5 December 2016 World Best Practice Certification awarded to NSW Sugar Industry

Bonsucro2 2016Flags at Harwood2

International Bonsucro auditors in the field


28 November 2016

NSW Cane Juice Making Boutique Rum

Cane Spirit2


21 November 2016

Selling Sunshine Sugar to Japan

Toyota Farm Visit November 2016


15 November

Appointment of Vivien Miller - Communications Manager


20 July 2016

IGA Promoting Sunshine Sugar


7 December 2015

Government Grant


2 July 2015

Manildra Restructure


30 April 2015

 Wilmar Imports Raw Sugar from El Salvador


26 February 2015

NSW Sugar Restructure


2 February 2015 Condong Mill celebrates a full year without a lost time injury
  cdg workforce cropped 



8 September 2014

Broadwater Incident


19 August 2014

MHS Celebrates 25 years of Refining


8 November 2013

Sale of Cogeneration Plants


25 June 2013

Zenith Award


19 April 2013

Sunshine Sugar leading the way in the world of sustainability being the first company in Australasia to sell Bonsucro Credits.


15 November 2012              

Federal Government Grant - Clean Technology Food & Foundries Investment Program